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Dependency Theory and Wealth Creation

May 19, 2009
Are entire societies caught in a global caste system?

Are entire societies caught in a global caste system?

Dependency theory attempts to explain that technologically advanced societies create new wealth through technological innovation and invention. This idea holds the amount of wealth in society isn’t limited—we create it!

While this might sound like a good thing (no one needs to be in poverty if we can increase the amount of wealth available), some sociologists argue it might not be. They suggest that third world countries are prevented from developing, causing those societies to become dependent on the more advanced societies. If so, this leads to a disproportionate share of wealth being accumulated in technologically advanced countries while third world societies are artificially kept from evolving.

What do you think?  Would you like to respond to this posting? If so, respond to one of the discussion topics below:

1. Do you think wealth in a society is a social creation and thus can be increased or reduced? Why?

2. Do you think that wealthier countries limit the development of countries that are less well off? If so, how? If not, why?

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