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Drinking and Enculturating

April 10, 2009

Sociologists have studied the use of drugs for a long time. Theories addressing drug abuse vary widely. Some sociologists hold that teenage drug use is indirectly taught through American television programs, movies, and songs. Some go even further, noting that some particular drugs are ingrained in American culture. Examples might include alcohol.

duiThink about this a moment. When is it traditional group behavior to drink alcohol with your friends? When you graduate high school? When you have a birthday? When someone you know gets married? Funerals? Punctuating a final divorce decree? Becoming engaged? How can such traditions be damaging to society?

Are you interested in posting to this topic? If so, then respond to one of the questions below:

1) Do you think that drug use is taught during American enculturalization processes? Why do you think these traditions developed?

2) Do you think there is a difference between drug use and abuse? How does society make this distinction?

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