How will you learn THIS semester?

December 29, 2009

Posted by: Chad M. Gesser

Twitter: @profgesser

Email: chad.gesser@kctcs.edu

I’d like to kick off the start of 2010 with a look at a very interesting video by Dr. Michael Wesch. Wesch is an anthropologist at Kansas State University, specializing in digital ethnography. I first came across this video early in 2007, and then later was fortunate to hear Dr. Wesch speak in the fall of 2007 at a conference just outside of Nashville, TN.

At the start of Introduction to Sociology, many students will be exposed to the idea of the sociological perspective. In this case, are teachers and students on the same page regarding learning?

This video brings forth some thought provoking questions. Among them, what do students learn in college, how do they learn, how do they use their time, and is the educational system reaching students most effectively for a wide ranging, learning college experience?

As we start the new year in 2010, and as many of you start the new semester in Introduction to Sociology, what expectations do you have for your class? How will your class utilize the World Wide Web? How will you engage  with the material? How will you learn sociology?

More of Dr. Wesch’s videos can be found here.

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