A Turtle Highway—Social Problem or Social Folly?

July 17, 2009

turtleIn Florida, more than three million dollars of federal stimulus money is going to be used to build a tunnel underneath a highway for turtles. This project is similar to a tunnel built for frogs in California during the 1990s. The argument is that the tunnel will supply “shovel ready jobs,” protect wildlife from cars, and prevent car accidents.

Other people argue this is a wast of tax payer money. That this kind of activity is directed at apeasing special interest groups and supply micro-short time jobs in particularly selected voting areas; in other words the tunnel project is political not environmentally motivated. What do you think? Would you like to respond to this article? If so, select a topic below and post to it:

1. Sociologists have been warning for some time that mankind’s continual expansion into nature without careful planning would result in long term damage. Do you think society should be responsible for protecting wildlife when it encroaches into the animals’ habitats? Why or why not?

2. What do you think are some immediate dangers of wildlife, such as turtles, alligators, deer, or birds, attempting to cross this highway? What are some long term ramifications of this situation? How can you take the circumstances of this problem and generalize them to other environmental issues?

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