Marketing Education?

June 18, 2009

Will this look like a convenience store in 10 more years?

Will this look like a convenience store in 10 more years?

Some sociologists worry that for-profit universities in the United States have lead to a “marketing process” in American education. This is the idea that colleges have evolved from a service oriented government institution to a government regulated business that prioritizes becoming profitable, something like General Motors! Of course the fear is that making money will become more important to colleges than teaching students. While some sociologists contend this process has already reached a point of domination in many of our colleges, social researchers are suggesting this approach is spreading down as far as elementary school and preschool!

Would you like to respond to this posting? If so, select a topic below:

1. Does the shift from a government institution to a for-profit business approach in colleges worry you? If so, why? If, not why?

2. Discuss the for-profit American health care system. What are its advantages and disadvantages? Can any of these be generalized to a for-profit education system? If so, what insights does this afford you?

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