What Does Love Have To Do With It?

April 10, 2009

In many countries marriages are arranged. That usually means people’s relatives select whom they will marry. Criteria for these types of marriages are usually based upon economics and politics—not love. Depending upon the status of the wedding couple, the function of marriage in this situation is often to cement different families, communities, or nations together. Sometimes it’s to link together lands or properties held among the couple’s families.

What do you think about this? Would you like to comment on the topic? If so, please respond to one of the questions below:

1) Do you think marriages such as this occur in America? Why?

2) Which reason for marriage do you think is better: social and economic or love? Why?

3) Which marriages do you think are more stable? Which are better for society? Which do you think is better for the individual?

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  1. I think that love is the best reason for marriage. I understand that arranged marriages are a part of some cultures. I just can not see how you expect two people to have a life together if they don’t even know each other. In my opinion, I just think that that situation is crazy. I know that in some cultures a 3 year old girl will get married to an 8 year old boy. The girl is 3 and has no idea about life or anything else and the parents expect the girl to be a loving wife. The young girl can barely feed herself and shes not ready for marriage at 3!!! I think that people should marry based on love. If you force two people together their marriage may not last very long.

  2. Which reason for marriage do you think is better: social and economic or love? Why?

    In my opinion the best and the only reason for marriage should be love. If you do not love the person you are marrying, the marriage will not last. Marrying someome for social status the marriage will not last because you will try to change yourself so much to fit in and live up to what the other person is. Marrying someone for economic reason really will fail because like the old saying money cant buy happyness. It may seem as though it will work in the begining but over time it will most likly fail.

    The best and the only reason for marriage should be the unconditional love you have for the other person. Love conqors all !

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