Drinking and Enculturating

April 10, 2009

Sociologists have studied the use of drugs for a long time. Theories addressing drug abuse vary widely. Some sociologists hold that teenage drug use is indirectly taught through American television programs, movies, and songs. Some go even further, noting that some particular drugs are ingrained in American culture. Examples might include alcohol.

duiThink about this a moment. When is it traditional group behavior to drink alcohol with your friends? When you graduate high school? When you have a birthday? When someone you know gets married? Funerals? Punctuating a final divorce decree? Becoming engaged? How can such traditions be damaging to society?

Are you interested in posting to this topic? If so, then respond to one of the questions below:

1) Do you think that drug use is taught during American enculturalization processes? Why do you think these traditions developed?

2) Do you think there is a difference between drug use and abuse? How does society make this distinction?

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  1. Alcohol Is over advertised, over used and over abused. It leads to the death of many college students who over indulge.Don’t be fooled, alcohol is a drug.It has the ability to control your life,so why take the chance? Leave it alone and you will have a much more enjoyable life.

  2. Drugs including alcohol are abused. There are a few people who know how to indulge with these substances in moderation. However, the majority can’t. The problem seems to be the addiction. Yes, it is true people need to be aware of the affects of drugs and alcohol, there also needs to be awareness about other addictions as well. Drugs arent the complete problem. The focus should be on how to fight addictions. Some people aren’t addicted to toxants but they are addicted to other things. When you become addicted then the stimulate acts as a drug. The main objective should be how to overcome the addiction

  3. There is a difference between drug use and abuse. That difference is addiction. Addiction should be the main focus when it comes to any stimulant. People can be addicted to other substances than just toxants. Yes, there should be awareness of the affects of alcohol and drugs but the talk should be how to prevent or stop addiction.

  4. I think there is a difference between drug use and abuse. I think that drug use is when you just occasionally do drugs or drink alcohol or maybe even everyday, but drug abuse is when you take things overboard and you are always drunk or always high or just always under the influence. I believe society makes this difference by drug tests and things of that nature but personally i think they can determine it better than that.

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