Are Social Connections Linked to Crime?

April 10, 2009

crimesceSome sociologists hold that a person’s connection to the social world helps determine whether that individual will resort to criminal behavior. In other words, whom you know helps determine what you do.

For example, let’s say Sally’s best friend since grade school is a burglar. That might mean Sally has access to a person who can supply information about how to properly conduct burglaries. Sally’s friend could teach her which houses to burglarize and which ones to avoid. She could teach her how to gain entrance, what to steal, and what not to take. She could show her where to sell the stolen goods and how much to expect to be paid for specific items.

If Sally didn’t know the burglar, she might have never had the opportunity to learn these processes. If Sally didn’t know the burglar, her chances of becoming a criminal might be lower. Relationships or connections seem linked to potential behavior.

Would you like to discuss this issue? If so, please respond to one of the discussion points below:

1. Do you think who someone might know affects their life decisions?

2. How can the process of acquiring a legitimate job be compared to learning how to become a criminal?

3. Which do you think is more important in determining a person’s behavior: his character or the character of the people around him? Why?

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  1. I don’t think who someone might know will affect their life decisions. Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong and the consequences for doing something against the law. The truth usually comes out sooner or later. You might know someone who does something against the law, but that doesn’t mean that you are likely to be influence to do the same thing. If you have morals and integrity, you will not another person to influence you in your life decisions.

  2. 1. Everyone is influenced by their surroundings whether they realize it or not. By being associated with a thief, even if you don’t literally ask that thief how to rob someone, they are most likely going to share their stories with you, if you’re close enough friends. Then later down the road, when you lost your job and the economy is failing, you decide to resort to theft, and you use the words of your friend as guidance. You may even call the old friend and ask them for additional pointers, if they’re still a free person. However, If that old friend is now in prison, you will most likely think twice about theft. Simply put, that thief will impact you beyond ways that you will ever understand or even realize.

  3. Do you think who someone might know affects their life decisions?

    In my opinion who someone might know can affect thier life decisions. Yes everyone has a mind of theri own, and they shouldnt let someone talk them in to doing something they know is wrong. Knowing someone who doesn’t abide by the law and do things they know is not right, because they can get away with it. Eventually everything you do in the dark will come to light. Being around someone can affect your life decision because the hand of one is the hand of all. You can be simply with the person not taking part in the crime but you will get charged with the same crime. The company you keep can affect your life decision.

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